Dublin - From Darkness into Light

Well, that was quite the week...first a huge thanks to everybody who helped me, in any way, with getting last week's exhibition together. I pulled in so many favours, and couldn't have done it without you all. I foolishly and hopelessly underestimated the extent of the work involved in getting something like this together...last time I got that stressed was when I was doing my thesis!

After a frenzied morning getting the show hung and the place all set up, for the first time ever I was able to see so many of my pictures up on a wall. Felt good.

Then, just when we were ready to open the doors, this happened:

CHQ - aggeddon

Well...that's what they were worried about. The whole of the CHQ, and numerous other buildings on the Quays were evacuated, due to a serious gas mains leak just to the east. So, that was the end of that. Opening night cancelled. I was shell-shocked. So many people had come from all over to be there...it was a tough one to take.

We carried on regardless. The next day we were ready to make up for lost ground.

All in, 15 of the photos sold, which I am delighted with...especially since we only really had one day for the show. The raffle too was a great success. A special congrats to Daragh Murphy who was the lucky winner.  He will receive his framed copy of the Troop Stables in a week or so.

Huge thanks to everybody who bought pieces and raffle tickets. Without you all this would have all been for nothing.

The Troop Stables - Image selected by raffle winner Daragh Murphy

The Troop Stables - Image selected by raffle winner Daragh Murphy

Between that and the raffle I will be making a donation of €3,900 to Pieta House. I'll be meeting up with Brian McEvoy from Pieta House next week to hand over the funds. I was hoping for more, but given that we had just one day for the show, I'm happy with the result.

I still have 20 images from the collection for sale and have set up a mini-gallery at home if anyone wants a private viewing! I will put up more details on the remaining images in a later post. If anyone is interested in them please contact me.

Thanks again to everyone for all your support and encouragement. You can be assured that your donations will go a long way in helping provide support and assistance to those who really need it.

Onwards and upwards.