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I am an architect and self-taught photographer, based in beautiful Dublin city, Ireland.

I hardly ever took a photo before the age of 30. My friends bought me a camera for my birthday...and I was hooked. I've spent the years since refining my style, focusing in on my subject matter and learning how to make less mistakes. I continue to learn. I'm making up for lost time.

My work focuses primarily on the built environment, in all its forms - from the first ancient field patterns laid down by our distant ancestors to contemporary architectural projects constructed by our peers. I have a huge interest in the development of settlements over time and  frequently include historical maps with my posts to indicate the context of my subject matter.

I am currently working on a book, showcasing the lesser seen side of Dublin City at night, using long exposure photographic techniques.

I shoot almost exclusively with a Nikon D7200, until I can save enough money to go full frame. I'll be using the D7200 for some time to they say; the best camera is the one you have.


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